Trust Florida Marine Builders to repair and reinforce your existing seawalls in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach FL or the Palm Beach County, FL area. We provide foam injection restorations. This process involves injecting polyurethane foam into cracks or openings in the seawall to stabilize and strengthen it.

The resins we use for our seawall foam repairs cure to a strength greater than crystalline bedrock and do not deteriorate unless exposed to UV light. Our resins are NSF 61-5 certified and have been approved as safe for contact with drinking water. Our product has even been approved for open waterway use and has no negative impact on the surrounding environment. You can rest assured our repairs will not have any adverse effects on your water quality.

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Reduce the need for extensive repairs

Trust Florida Marine Builders in Lake Worth, FL to address your seawall foam repair and foam injection restoration needs. Use our resin to seal...


The polyurethane seals and fills the empty spaces and mixes with the soil to form a solid, impermeable mass with no static pressure created on the soil behind the wall. This can also help with soil stabilization to prevent any erosion from occurring. You'll appreciate this cost-effective, efficient solution to your seawall concerns.

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